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Parents are generally so freaked out about sleep. And who can blame them? As a baseline, sleep deprivation is hard. Add to that the fact that advice makes it seem like it's the most urgent, high-stakes thing parents will ever do and it's no wonder that parents are almost vibrating with anxiety, worry, and fatigue. Parents, you can take a breath. There's time to learn, time to experiment. You haven't blown it because your 2- or 4- or 8-month old isn't sleeping through the night.


Dear Parents: No you haven’t screwed it all up…


The notion that you’ve already irrevocably ruined your child’s chances of sleep and, well, life success by nursing or rocking her to sleep at 3-months is just patently false. While it's good to get a jump on things, we still have to take development into account.


Sleep advice is full of parent-shaming and it needs to stop.

Current research and advice on sleep training focuses so exclusively on behavior that when it doesn't work, the only ones to blame are the parents. This puts unnecessary and undeserved pressure on parents who often are doing everything they can.


Sleep hacks for parents of babies and children who are temperamentally “more”


If you have an intense, sensitive, alert, non-stop child, almost nothing is easy and almost everything is a “big deal.” There’s more persistence, more pushback, more meltdowns, more questions, more interaction…. just more of everything (except sleep). You may feel defeated or incompetent…but it’s not you. Really.


7 questions to ask when you have literally tried everything to get your baby to sleep.


There are some good reasons why sleep training sometimes stalls or doesn’t work at all, and many of them have nothing to do with what you are or aren’t doing. Here are a few things to look at when you've tried everything else.

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