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Book cover for "Why Won't You Sleep?" Teal background with an alert baby.

A tsunami of sleep training methods promises “easy” and “quick” results. For many, these methods work as promised without

a ton of drama. However . . .


For many of you exhausted parents, crying-based methods have not been quick or easy or effective. In fact, none of the methods have worked like the books promised they would.


I am willing to bet, dear pooped-out parent, that you have a little one who is more alert, intense, persistent, and perceptive than other children you know (or other children you have). I am guessing that when it comes to sleep, they put up a much, much bigger fight.


These "little livewires" require a whole different approach. This book offers a working understanding of how temperament impacts sleep and game-changing strategies to finally move the needle on the dumpster fire that sleep is now.

Why Won't You SLEEP?!

by Macall Gordon, MA and
Kim West, MSW (The Sleep Lady)

Due out in November 2024

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