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Cover of "Why Won't You Sleep?" including an alert baby on a teal background

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Finally . . .
a sleep book about little ones who just won't.

Researcher and certified sleep coach, Macall Gordon, and the Sleep Lady, Kim West, offer a game-changing approach to shifting sleep behavior that actually works . . . even when nothing else has.


If nothing has worked for you so far,
you are not alone.


Based on extensive research and proven methods used with thousands of families just like yours, this guide gives you strategies tailored to your child’s unique temperament. Readers will learn:


  • Why popular sleep training techniques, don’t work for many children

  • How elements of temperament impact sleep behavior. . . and everything else.

  • How to create a plan for working on sleep that doesn't require you leaving them alone to cry.

  • How to rule out physiological or developmental roadblocks and assess sleep issues as they arise

Why Won't You Sleep? also offers lots of empathy and validation for parents because they are working harder on less sleep than any human should.

Sample Contents

  • Every Sleep Training Method So Far Has Been an Epic Fail

  • Understanding the Bright Sides and Challenges of Temperament

  • How Does Temperament Affect Sleep?
    How Does it NOT?

  • The Big Four Sleep Tankers and How to Tackle Them

  • Creating Your Sleep Plan (6 mos-3 years/3-years and up)

  • Sleep Triage 101: Getting Unstuck

  • The Parenting Road Is Long—Pack Snacks

  • Putting Some Gas in Your Tank


Also includes a link to a downloadable workbook!

Alert baby against a blue and white background

Early praise

"As an Infant and Perinatal Mental Health Counselor, I appreciate the dedication to research while also centering the knowledge that parents have of their own children. As a mother of a livewire myself, Macall beautifully sums up the experiences of sleep struggles for a kiddo who just won't sleep. If you want real strategies without being told you must be doing something wrong, then this is the book for you."

Madeleine Cushman, LMHC

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